The Rabbit Patch ®


Whilst our main focus is on boarding rabbits, we do board guinea pigs and also birds. Our rules are simple. You must show proof of your bunny's Calicivirus shots and for house bunnies we ask that you bring all their favourite toys, along with their feeding dishes and rug/s. If they feel safer in their cage bring it along as well. We set up your house bunny in the exact same way you do in your own home, and we lavish them with affection with TV time on our laps etc.

We also place your bunny on a diet if they are grossly overweight such as Freckles and Gina when they first started coming to The Rabbit Patch for a holiday whilst their family were away on theirs. We know you love your little furry friend and being so grossly overweight your bunny's lifespan is shortened dramatically. Gina who is a Dwarf Lop weighed a massive 3.8kgs. Fortunately with diet and plenty of exercise she dropped a fantastic 1.6kgs whilst she was on holiday with us giving her a new lease on life. If your bunny is an outside bunny, we house them either in their own cage if you bring it giving them time out in our baby play pen for sunshine and exercise. The same rules apply to guinea pigs. For birds we have a fully enclosed verandah (30' x 15') where your feathered friends can fly to their hearts content. We charge you a very competitive rate of $6 per day per pet that are housed outdoors and $8 per day per housepet inside.  At your request we also try to sort out health or behavioural problems that your pet may have such as being grossly overweight or hard to handle etc