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Mini Lop Rabbit

Mini Lop rabbits, as the name suggests have long floppy ears. They are very lovable, and, extremely funny to watch when they play and are exploring their surroundings. They are very fast learners and can learn tricks very easily. They can also be toilet trained.  A lot of people get confused with Mini Lops and Dwarf Lops and think that the Dwarf Lop is the smallest, but the Dwarf Lop is twice the size of a Mini Lop. The Dwarf Lop weighs an average 2.5kgwhereas the Mini Lop weighs an average of 1.5kgs.

Down here in the Rabbit Patch we have a large fully meshed playpen for our babies and juniors to play in where they are safe from the ever present hawks and eagles who consider them a tasty snack. It goes without saying that there are plenty of toys, ramps and boxes for them to explore and keep them active. See pic below. The two bunnies in the foreground are Siamese Smoke with his nose to the ground and a Medium Siamese Sable checking out their cubby house.
Hmmmmm what

When people visit us here at the Rabbit Patch they are always amazed at how well all our bunnies interact with each other and don't fight. This is because they all play together as babies and juniors and their behaviour is monitored by us. If we see any bad behaviour we nip it in the bud by immediately removing the culprit, saying 'BAD BUNNY' in a stern voice, and putting them back into their cage for 10 minutes before once again allowing them to mix with all the others in the playpen. It only takes one or two 'timeouts' for the naughty bunny to get the message and behave.

The playpen is large enough to for visitors to go into the playpen to be with the bunnies. And interact with them. Below is a visitor with a few of our juniors and it doesn't take long for our curious bunnies to go check the visitor out.
Huh, you're not mummy two legs!

WOW look at all the fun things around here

Artimus lives with our second granddaughter Riley, who is nearly three years old now. She has had him since she was just a little toddler.  At the time she couldn't pronounce his name properly and called him 'Artoo' and even though she can pronounce his name now he will only come to 'Artoo" They always play together and Riley takes care of grooming him herself as well as feeding him.  See pic below with Artimus all grown up. Riley's cousin Mikhayla is helping to groom him.

brush him very gently Mikhayla. Is that alright Artoo?

In June this year (2007) Daisy had her babies and they are soooo cute. See their pic below, minus one who is in Ellies' family. Elara who is on the right hand end is featured in our latest wallpaper for 2007.

Hay, quit shoving, you will make me fall off the ledge

Because I have been line breeding, in this litter of Daisy's there is one full cashmere lop and two slightly cashmere babies. The full cashmere is on the left end, and the one that is slightly cashmere is beside her. I don't know the full history of the breed, but I have been told that if you line breed the Mini's you will eventually end up with cashmeres as cashmeres were crossed with Dwarf Lops to bring their size down to Miniature.
We have a wide range of colours in our Mini Lops,  including Otters, Blue, Black, Broken Coat, Orange, Sooty Fawn & Blue Fawn and Smoked Pearl.

Echo's babies born (13th March 2008) two were REW whilst the third was a sealpoint.
we are not even as big as mummy two legs' thumb

Check out these little cuties born 27th October 06 which makes them 8 days old.  Mum is Candy and dad Clancy.

Pictured below is one of our 4th generation babies Rabbit Patch DENO a Blue who was born on the 21st of May 06.

do you think Im cute?

Pictured below is Blanche a 4 week old Black Otter Mini Lop.

Im Blanche a Black Otter Mini Lop 4 weeks old 9-1-06

And below is a pic of Bo-Bo a Sealpoint buck at four weeks old.

I have a new generation of Mini Lops coming on. I think that they are going to be very good. What do you readers think? drop me a line and let me know.

I thought that Arimus would never drop that second ear, but as the new picture taken today shows it has finally dropped.

The two little cuties pictured below are Bonnie´s babies. The Blue is one of my first Blue Mini Lops.

And pictured below are several other babies in different colours.

who do you think is the prettiest colour?